About Us


To help create a sustainable environment and food security through small-scale farming, community empowerment, and increased access to local, quality food production in the communities which it resides.

Mama Tee’s Farmstead gets back to the roots of agrarian culture while helping to develop community and environmental resilience.  The farm is nestled in the western-most part of the Willamette Valley or the eastern foothills of the Oregon Coastal Range. Less than 20 minutes from award-winning wineries and less than an hour from the coast, the farm’s ten acres is a perfect location in the middle of Oregon’s heartland.

Mama Tee’s base is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program which has options for not only vegetables, but also farm-made processed goods, fruit, chicken eggs and meat. We also have a local herdshare program for our goat milk. For more information visit our About our CSA page or contact Mama Tee’s directly.


Farmer Carrie:

Carrie is the farm’s founder and was raised on a 62 acre farm in Northwest Indiana.  She had strong farm roots as a youngster, helping her mother tend to a half acre garden on their land.  After graduating in Biology from a small school in the citrus-centric part of Florida, Carrie moved to the West seeking work in conservation of land and species.  She never strayed far from those farming roots and worked on a CSA in California’s Redwood Country and gained even more experience herding and milking goats and distributing produce in the agricultural-centric area of West Marin, California.  This was all in addition to her day jobs, which ranged from land steward on a 550 acre dune preserve on Humboldt Bay to a watershed biologist for a grassroots watershed conservation non-profit in Marin County.

Carrie combines her farming, ecological, and activist skills on this farm to promote agro-ecological justice in the community and beyond.  She strives in providing quality food for all, while producing it in ways that promote a healthy, sustainable environmental system, using diversified farming methods to give back to the land as much as it provides.  The farm is named after Carrie’s grandmother, who was a strong source of inspiration for Carrie.

Farmer PJ:

PJ loves to farm because he loves to eat, and work really hard, though mostly eat. He is propelled by an excess amount of energy and farming gives him an excellent avenue to expend it in an efficient and positively affected way. And he loves to cook, especially for strangers, so growing the most splendid ingredients within walking distance of the kitchen is a priority for supper.

PJ joined Mama Tee’s Farmstead in July 2014, having moved down from the Cascade Range into the beautiful western Willamette Valley, with five years experience in sustainable agriculture for CSA and market based programs in North Carolina, along with knowledge in integrating livestock (chickens, pigs, ducks), mycology, and commercial sales into these programs. He looks forward to incorporating passive solar thermal designs, holistic pasture management for livestock, and more delicious foods into the farm’s already stellar operation.

“I’m thrilled with pacific northwest farming’s to-do lists that never end, accomplishments preceding completions, and the agenda of tangible precipitation. Even though there’s often a schedule to follow, each day is different with new opportunities for improvement and constant creativity around every corner and usually before breakfast – though after coffee, of course. “

Contact: [email protected]