SNAP and DUFB CSA Deposit $50


  • “Double Up Food Bucks provides matching money to Mama Tee’s Farmstead, making CSA more affordable while helping farmers earn a living.”
  • “Double Up Food Bucks are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.”

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Mama Tee’s partners with the PNW CSA Coalition to be able to offer a monthly SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program for those eligible (if you receive food benefits through SNAP, you are eligible).

To sign up, all we need is a $50 deposit and your membership online form filled out. Then, you will receive an email from PNW CSA Coalition for SNAP processing.

**An example of how this works:

1.You sign up for a Full Share on the online membership form. The full share costs $650.

2. You choose SNAP and DUFB $50 online deposit payment on online membership form. 

3. You “purchase” the SNAP/DUFB $50 deposit from our online CSA marketplace. ***Delivery-To-Your-Door, if choosing this option, must be purchased online too. See the online membership form for drop off locations

4. PNW CSA Coalition will email you with the SNAP processing form filled out the share information.

5. You print the form, fill out your SNAP information, and send it back to PNW CSA Coalition.

6. We will send you confirmation and then SNAP payments for you will be $350 and our farm will receive $250 in DUFB benefits and we subtract your $50 deposit. The SNAP payment of $350 will then be divided into 5 monthly payments of $70 starting in May and will automatically come out of your account.

**This is an example only. Only vegetables shares (and the Bounty Share) are eligible for DUFB. Summer shares receive a $125 DUFB benefit.

**Delivery to your door is not included with SNAP. If you want delivery, be sure to purchase the delivery option.