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CSA and Vouchers


Mama Tee’s 2017 CSA Season Memberships are closed.

2018 CSA memberships will be opened in Jan 2018!

Please contact us,,  for more info.

Welcome to season six of Mama Tee’s Farmstead. We have another exciting year ahead! Farmer and owner Carrie and farmer PJ are eager to increase the Farm-ily this year and feed folks with incredibly wholesome and delicious food grown and raised using organic methods. We will be offering not only our full and half vegetable and fruit shares but also SEASONAL vegetable shares as well, which includes spring, summer, and fall share options. We are also happy to be offering another meat share and, working with a wonderful local cafe, a locally roasted coffee share! Also back for the 2017 season is Mama Tee’s FULL BOUNTY share which includes a combination of all that we grow and produce here at the farm! Also new this year, we will have a DELIVERY option for those located within a couple miles of our route!

We grow over 60 varieties of vegetables and fruits using and tend to chickens, goats, and pigs in the fields. We use agroecological principles and practices (sometimes referred to as “beyond organic”) to promote soil health, ecological diversity, and community well-being on the farm.

We are excited and proud to offer our combo meat share again this year alongside our outstanding vegetables, fruits, eggs, and preserves! Our meat share includes pasture-raised pork, chicken, and chevon. Through our tireless efforts we provide a great and humane living environment for our animals of nutrient-rich fields for roaming and foraging. This results in healthier animals and tastier meats! We never use antibiotics or hormones in any of our animals. And our chickens and pigs are supplemented using a GMO-free, locally milled feed.

What is a CSA anyway?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a shared commitment between farmer and consumer ( or share holder—YOU) that helps the farmers pay up front costs in the time we need it most and supplies the share holder with a plethora of vegetables, herb, fruits, eggs, meats and/or preserves each week during the season. CSA’s share the benefits and costs of farm production with its members, thus keeping everyone in the community connected to where their food comes from and keeping the farm’s practices transparent and open.

How Mama Tee’s CSA works…

Starting in January, members can sign up for the CSA share they choose (see below) which helps cover initial costs and expenses when the farmer needs it most (the beginning of the season). Then, when your chosen season begins, you will pick up your box full of produce (and/or eggs, meat, preserves, etc.) either at the farm or a designated spot in Sheridan or Portland.  The season length varies depending on which option you chose. Vegetable shares are weekly, egg and coffee shares are weekly or biweekly, meat  shares are monthly. Your full share includes anywhere between 7 and 12 items and is estimated to feed 2-4 moderate veggie eaters. The half share usually includes between 4 and 7 items and is estimated to feed 1-2 moderate to light veggie eaters. Pickup days and times, more information on each share, as well as costs are listed below. If you chose shares which exceed $360, you have the option of an installment plan of two or three payments. Just click on the 2017 CSA member form of your choice, fill out the information, sign and mail it in with  your choice of payment required on the form. Forms are available NOW. Want to use a credit or debit card to sign up? You most certainly can. Download the form and call Mama Tee’s (number is on the form) and we will get you signed up in a jiffy!

Mama Tee’s is happy and proud to be able to accept SNAP/EBT benefits again this year for ALL of our CSA shares and ALL farm store products! For more snap2information, download our SNAP CSA agreement.

Check out our array of share options below:

SOLD OUT. BOUNTY SHARE 26 weeks – $1040, May 10-Nov 1, plus Thanksgiving and Solstice Shares:  This share is the best of the best that Mama Tee’s offers. A full vegetable share, a bi-monthly egg share, a ½ meat share, and a monthly preserve (pickles, jams, salsas, sauces, or goat products) share.  ALL this for less than $40 a week! This option has a three installment payment plan if needed.

CLOSED. FULL VEG/FRUIT SHARE: 26 weeks – $730, May 10 to Nov 1 plus Thanksgiving and Solstice Shares: This share of 6-12 items includes vegetables and fruits as they are in season. This is the vegetable lover’s plethora of produce! It is the spring, summer, and fall shares all rolled into a discounted price.

CLOSED. HALF VEG/FRUIT SHARE: 24 weeks – $440, May 10 to Nov 1: This share of 4-7 items includes vegetables and fruits as they are in season.  This is a lighter, yet still diverse and abundant, amount of produce throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons. The Half share does NOT include Thanksgiving and Solstice shares.

CLOSED. SPRING SHARE: 7 weeks – $190, May 10 to Jun 21: Love your spring greens, lettuces, and roots more than anything? Then this share is for you. This will include 6-8 spring produce items each week.

CLOSED. SUMMER SHARE: 12 weeks – $370, July 5 to Sept 20: The cream of the crop of the vegetable share. Diversity is the ticket here from greens to beans to tomatoes to garlic. And fruits of blackberry to pear to apple will show up as well. A variety of 8-12 summer produce items each week.

SOLD OUT. FALL SHARE: 7 weeks – $205, Oct 4 to Nov 1 plus the Thanksgiving and Solstice Shares: Best of summer and fall combine into this share which could include everything from tomatoes to cucumbers to winter squash to kohlrabi. There are bound to be delicious apples in this share as well. A variety of 7-11 fall produce items each week.

CLOSED. EGG SHARE: weekly 18 weeks or bi-weekly 9 weeks, July 5 to Nov 1: A dozen eggs each week from our pastured chickens!  These eggs cost $8 in grocery stores. Get them straight from the farm for so much less!

___ OPTION 1: $115 Weekly

___ OPTION 2: $60 Bi-monthly (every other week)

SOLD OUT. MEAT SHARE: monthly (6 months), $430, Jul 12 to Dec 20: Mama Tee’s meat COMBO – combination of approximately 8lbs of select cuts of pork, chicken, and chevon each month. For example, one month could include bacon, chops, ribs, a whole chicken, and ground chevon.

COFFEE SHARE: 13 weeks, bi-monthly May 10 – Nov 1: We are happy to be teaming up with the famous Wildwood Hotel in Willamina to bring you fair trade and/or organic coffee beans roasted by one of the owners, Katie Kendall. This will be 8oz or 16oz of delicious, fresh-roasted, whole bean coffee every other week. We, unfortunately, can’t grow coffee berries in this part of the world, but we can bring you quality coffee roasted locally by rad folks!

___ OPTION 1: $90 – 8oz bi-monthly

___ OPTION 2: $156 – 16oz bi-monthly

SOLD OUT. THANKSGIVING SHARE: $30, Tuesday, Nov 21st: An abundant amount of fall and storage vegetables, including apples, a farm-made preserve such as pickles or hot sauce, and a dozen of our pastured eggs to help with your Holiday feast.

SOLD OUT. SOLSTICE SHARE: $30, Wednesday, Dec 20th: A healthy array of vegetables (whatever we have fresh from the fields and greenhouse, plus a variety of storage vegetables), farm-made preserves, and a dozen pastured eggs. A delicious share of winter goodness to celebrate the return of the light and the season’s joy.

We have several options available for pick up of your shares. They include the farm  in Willamina, Sheridan, NE Portland, and SE Portland.

Sign up today and enjoy the bounty throughout the season! Click HERE to download the CSA member agreement form.

CSA not for you? Then check out Mama Tee’s Voucher Subscription

$200 and $400 voucher form – redeemable at Mama Tee’s Farmstead stand and all farmer’s markets in which we vend.

A receipt for your purchase will be sent to you once received and processed. For voucher’ subscriptions, you will use this receipt when you come to the markets or farm to pick up produce. Vouchers can be used to purchase vegetable starts as well eggs, preserves, and Mama Tee’s meat products.

Send a check (along with the selected form) to:

Mama Tee’s Farmstead

16751 Willamina Creek Rd

Willamina, OR  97396

Henderson's Black-Seeded Lettuce

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