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Week 6 recipe – “What do I do with this?” 

July 9, 2015

“How do I get the most out of all these veggies?” This is a question we hear as often as “how much are your eggs?” Did yew know: broccoli greens taste just like the florets, chard stems can be quick-pickled in 24 hours, and carrot tops can be magically transformed into pesto. Our larder is often filled with label-less experiments in varying stages of developmental deliciousness. And since carrots came out this week, here’s a fresh way to flip that frond upside down. Enjoy your veggies. 

Carrot top pesto

Yield: aprox 1 1/4 c

2.5-3 c carrot tops, minus stems
1-2 Tb cilantro, or fresh coriander leaves
1 orange
1/4 c chopped, toasted, hazelnuts
3-4 cloves fresh green garlic
1/4 – 1/3 c pecorino romano cheese or Black Sheep Creamery’s Adnatou sheep cheese, finely grated
Olive oil
Salt/pepper to taste
Chop the nuts roughly and toast in a dry cast iron skillet, 6-10 minutes, using your nose to smell for burning, and toss or stir to keep from sticking. While toasting, chop up carrot tops and cilantro and place into food processor. Add the nuts. Halve the orange so the circumference opposites the stem and squeeze out the juice of both sides into the processor. Mince the garlic and add as well. Pulse a bit to mix up, then add cheese. 
Run the processor and drizzle in oil until yew get the consistency yew desire. Yew may have to scrape down the sides with a spatula or spoon, remembering to shut off the machine first. Season to taste with salt/pepper. 
Spoon out into sterilized jars and cover with a tablespoon, or so, of olive oil to keep color. Keeps in fridge 3-5 days – as if it lasts that long. 

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