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The Three R’s

December 30, 2012

Rest. Reflect. Reignite.

There are some good reasons I haven’t taken the time to write another complete blog post (one was started one at the end of June, but never finished it)  since May 9th. A 22-week CSA; three farmer’s markets; a continuous stream of planting, weeding and harvesting; a trip to California for two dairy goats; a daily routine of milking those goats; one Farm to Table dinner; and a part-time job are the main reasons for the writing absence. I still get exhausted just writing it down and when it was all going on at once from June through October the only things that were usually on my mind at the end of the day were food and bed. Blog posting was a distant thought at the time.

With the first two reasons for the absence under the belt, the third significantly reduced, and  most of the farm for the year put to bed, this farmer was finally starting to feel more rested by early December (when I began this short post). Another farmer friend of mine has coined the term “winter hibernation mode” as what farmers go through after the fall harvest until the first sowings of the spring.

As my body and mind have been slowly transitioning, I am beginning to gather my thoughts and memory from the entire first year of Mama Tee’s Farmstead.  When given a chance to breathe deep and sit still, I start to reflect on the season. Part of this reflection involves this blog.  This is one way to capture the first season of a new farm and its farmer, share it with the willing audience, and, perhaps, learn from it.  This is a critical part in ensuring that the farm and the farmer’s next season will be stronger and wiser than the last. And it really helps to build motivation and strength for the farmer.

And, after the rest, somewhere during the midst of this reflection, the flame of the soul of the farm that is turned down for the winter reignites and casts its warmth and food goodness back out into the world.

That time is near. Get ready!

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