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It Will Stop Raining…eventually.

April 20, 2012

Ok, so I admit, the rain, more the soggy, wet soil, has started testing my patience the past two weeks. I am still adjusting from the San Francisco Bay Area I guess. I really didn’t think the difference in weather patterns was that great, but it won’t be the last time the weather proves me wrong. This year is unusually different, where the Bay Area is warmer and drier than usual and Portland is colder than usual. Despite the weather, I have managed to transplant and sow enough seed that only my 4 by 8 inch notebook can keep it straight (and barely for that matter), but I still have half a hoop house of starts awaiting their final homes in the soil which is too rain-drenched to plant in currently. While I patiently wait for the soil to dry up a bit, I have spent the days setting up the drip systems, continuously battling the grass at 103rd, training the peas, watching the flowers sprout, digging more beds at 66th, harvesting over-wintered veggies at Cully with Food Not Bombs, potting up tomatoes, trying to talk my pepper seeds into sprouting, making Daikon Radish sauerkraut, and using up every inch of the hoop house with more sown seeds.

The ever-evolving NE 103rd site. Peas, radishes, carrots, beets, strawberries, spinach, some cilantro, and 1/2 the onion and chard, all in! Constant battle with the grass. Still waiting: cabbage, kale, broccoli, dill, and cauliflower.

A closer look at the drip, the spinach, and the strawberries.

The over-stuffed hoop house full of veggie starts and new seedlings. Did I mention I still have veggie starts available for sale?

As I write this, I know the weather forecast for the next three or four days looks wonderful, so I am gearing up to put the transplanting powers into high gear during this period. Once all the transplants go out, I will be starting the second round of greenhouse sowing which will include the summer and winter squash, the cukes, more basil, and a slew of veggies I will be selling as starts the first few weeks of the farmer’s markets.

Speaking of Farmer’s Markets: Mama Tee’s Farmstead is attending THREE this year!

Every Saturday is at St. John’s in North Portland from 9am to 2pm starting June 2nd.

Every other Sunday is at Lents International on SE 92nd and Foster from 11am to 4pm starting June 17th.

And, every other Tuesday is at OHSU in the SW from 11am to 3pm starting June 5th.

The total market season will run until October 28th. It is so exciting to jump into to the Portland farmer’s market season and I am looking forward to meeting all the wonderful community members, making new friends, and learning about other small, local businesses and farms at these markets (not to mention, selling my goods as well ;)).

I also have my CSA and Voucher information up on the site. I got the idea of the voucher system from a similar farm in Seattle. You can buy a prepaid MTF voucher and then pick up produce and goods at a MTF stand at any one of the Farmer’s Markets with that voucher. It’s similar to the CSA model where it supports the farm upfront during the most expensive time (spring), but also gives an added benefit to the more choosy eater and the vouchers never expire. The CSA shares are also available and include discounts to workshops and/or events and winter U-pick opportunities. For more information and to sign up for either program click here.

Oh, and last, but not least, OK, maybe least :), Mama Tee’s Farmstead has a Facebook site that you can catch more real-time updates on. Click HERE to like us!

First of the flower seedlings: Calendula and I think there is some Zinnia there in the left-top corner!

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